Sunday, May 29, 2016

Copics are the only markers you'll ever need :)

Copics are amazing markers for any design proffesional they make amazingly crisp lines for a marker and are also blendable. They are great for anyone from Illustrators to Architects. In college when I had huge marker projects I was constantly running dry with other markers in the middle of an assignment and hated just throwing out money,then I discovered copics. They are more expensive then other design markers such as popular prismas but one of the things I love most about Copics is they are refillable which will save you money long term, so no more throwing away a $5 marker after only a few uses! These last so much longer between refills and a bottle of ink will last a long time I'd say up to four or five refills sometimes more. They also have more variety in colors than other marker brands. I have both this original set of markers and the sketch line but If you are debating between the two get the original markers they hold more ink and Copic makes dozens of different interchangable nibs so you really dont need both kinds, the sketches are just cheaper and have a flexible brush nib but you can buy one of those nibs for these. Over the years I've bought several of each color and installed the different nibs on each of them so I have this amazing multi lined styled marker arsenal, I would never use anything else.